Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My first holiday plan #4months

Flight booked to Vietnam.

I know its nothing much and I don't even know what to do there. But if it makes Mama and Ayah happy.
I am happy as well.

Plus, my aim is to conquer the world. HAHA. Kidding.

I'm fine with the idea cause I've never been there pun.

Mimi and Abg Aan is going to Singapore, again !

So boring right ? But their aim is to go somewhere fun.
That's why they are going there again.

Plus, they never did get a chance to eat a meal cooked from an all purpose river like we did in Cambodia. So I guess they wouldn't understand how happy we are to go back to those secluded areas. -.-" Did I or did I not show a picture of the wonderful meal.

Okay. Hold on.

This is the food. Nice right ?

And as you can see, I told you its an all purpose river right ? Used for cooking, bathing, pooping, peeing, and etc.

P/S :
If you are wondering, yes the food smells, but it tastes good if you minus the smell. And yes. I HAD TO EAT IT. I did. -.-" extreme right ?


  1. bring me! bring me! owh lupe. dah beli tix. damn! XD

  2. U're going to vietnam again...have fun :)

  3. dont forget to buy some souvenirs!