Friday, March 25, 2011

Folder : Bali

At one of the art gallery. oh my, such fat legs. :(



My tired face.

I never did get over the person who took this picture.
Stupid me.

Folder: Malam-Malam

Some crazy night.

Silly stuff.

You know what I was trying to do right? Haha.

Some masterpiece eh ?

Precious !

folder: Iphone #7

Last but not least.

folder: Iphone #6

When we were young.

Friends ?Pfft.

Yes one of my fav things to do.

Gamelan. I sucks.

This cute little baby, Dania (:

folder: Iphone #5

Some kebun pictures. (:

Me with short hair

Ehem. No comment

Karaoke session with the girls.

And .. Hee (;

Folder: Iphone #4

More pictures of myself . HEHE

More !

And more !

And the king of all the retards. Hehe (:
*jangan marah ea*

Folder: Iphone #3

Doing homeworks

Silly faces #1

Silly Faces #2

Folder: Iphone #2

Sleepover pictures with my girls !

And the stuff we did together. TWISTER !



And also, more pictures of myself. HAHA

Folder: Iphone #1

This cute little baby hanif, who now can speak and walk already !

Some ex-boyfriend related stuff

The mini cupcakes we made for the down-syndrome kids.

And steamed chocolate cake too for them !

And some silly pictures of me. HAHA

Folder : 101MSDFC

Some Raya pictures, maybe in 2009 or 2008

In Bandung, super fun !

Iman, me & Mimi, Hong Kong

These lovely couple dancing, down-syndrome kids in Ipoh. Yes they are very entertaining. (:

Hari Mesra Pelanggan. Riamoda, Simpang Pulai.

My Old Laptop

My Old Laptop

Today, my uncle came to my house. And suddenly when I came down to greet them, mama told me if it is okay to give my old laptop to my uncle. So I guess its fine, since I didn't even use it anymore. Before I pass the laptop to him I decided to see what is left in the laptop, since I the last time I was using it all I did was delete every single thing that is related to my ex-boyfriend.

Guess what i found ? Obviously some old pictures lahh. (: Hee. It is all so beautiful, happy people, doing silly stuff. I love it so much, and I've been looking at pictures over and over again. Haha

P/S : Shall share the pictures in the next post. :D

Sunday, March 13, 2011


This weekend I was at home doing stuff that I can't even remember.

The only thing I remember was..

I was playing fieldrunners on mimi and ayah 's ipad ! -.-"


I feel like buying one.


I just knew that they have Ipad2 in stores now.


My birthday is coming.


I could ask for one from someone.


I should buy it myself and stop shopping for a few months.


Mama can belanja me ! or maybe not.


Help. I am falling in love with this Ipad thing.

Give me strength not to buy it, pleaseee ! pleaseee !


If later they sell it online, I surely will buy one for myself.

*So, secretly I am hoping that they'll be selling Ipad2 online after I bought my tickets to bruno mars and disney on ice. Then I won't feel guilty for spending so much.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Victoria Beckham
Hexagonal chain crocodile bag
£ 9221

Diane Von Furstenberg
Sara striped canvas tote
£ 65

Happy medium python shoulder bad
£ 1928

Alexander McQueen
Knuckle duster studded suede clutch
£ 1048

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Cosmo quilted leather shoulder bag
£ 248


Belle Sigerson Morrison
Cutaway suede flats
£ 173

Jimmy Choo
Morse PVC ballerina flats
£ 152

Crystal-embellished suede ballerina flats
£ 309