Monday, May 31, 2010


One of the things that I've been doing during the holidays is thinking.
Most of the parents would support their children to think, the more you think the better it is.
But me ? I think i need to stop thinking.
See, even to decide to stop thinking needs thinking.
Confusing right ?
But in my position right now, its just so hard for you to stop thinking.
Cause besides all those other things that is useless that I still think about, there's also a lot of useful things that I am thinking about.
So basically, i just need to think in my everyday life.
Think Think Think and Think.
But how do you actually differentiate between the positive things and the negative ones ?
I myself still haven't discover that part.
But when I do, I will surely share it :D

To Me :
Bad thoughts! shooooo go away ! Come again another day. X)

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Its hard enough for what I am going through.

But can i really go through another goodbye ?

In less than a month I have to go through 2 goodbyes ?

Maybe this is life.

I'll just have to work things out again with whatever is left for me now.

And make sure that I don't take things for granted anymore.

When life gives you lemon. You can either make a lemonade out of it or just put on a sour face.


I chose.



Saturday, May 29, 2010

Good Morning Folks

I wake up today with a very bad idea.

To call someone I shouldn't.

I wake up and feel like its a need it is what I should do.


I know the girls will kick my arse so hard if they knew i did it.

And now, instead of going to the bathroom and taking a bath, I am sitting in front my laptop.

And guess what the heck am I doing ?
  • I am actually googling his name and seeing it pop ups just satisfy myself
I know I shouldn't cause I'll get sad and I need to be happy to have a safe journey back to Ipoh

I need my strength. I need my family. I need HIM, The Almighty.

P/S : Girls, don't worry ! I call someone else instead, but he didn't pick up either. haha.


Boys ! Please lahh.




Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cheerleading Routines ?

Cheerleading ? HELL YEAH. but not for me. I can't stand on top of a pyramid and neither can i bend on my knees to provide support for them. haha.

Well. instead of feeling very exhausted and so tired in the afternoon and feel so lazy to wake up in the morning. I then decided to reschedule everything. shuffle my everyday routines.

So basically this is it.

Wake up for Subuh and then put my GLEE mode ON. X) Tee hee. and then cycle my way up to perfection and watch one movie, while online. The i can start taking my bath and go to work !

And for the night. after work, i can go back and pamper myself with anything. and go to sleep.

So when all the things i usually do at night but i change it and do it after subuh. I think theres more benefits to it. I can always wake up early and feeling so fresh and excited for the day. and at night I can get all my beauty sleep I need. :D

but yet .

TODAY IS A FAILURE ! haha. but its okay. theres always tomorrow.

and I wish myself all the best.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I Fear You, Kuala Lumpur.

the title is so funny right. but yeah its true.


with the tall skyscraper. and the pollution. and not forgetting the congestion !

oh my ! everything is excessive here.

sexual harassment everywhere. expensive food. rude drivers.

but one thing i fear the most in Kuala Lumpur.

Is the man working in a building just nearby KLCC.

I fear that I will meet him by accident. or just to see any figure that could actually be him
or who looked like him .

GOSH. How I fear that it would happen.

because I've tried my very best to stand back up once again after he tripped me down.


but I'll always pray that in any way God will help me go through it.

Ya Allah, Janganlah kau tanamkan dalam diriku perasaan takut kepada ujian di dunia ini melebihi takutnya pada ujianMu di akhirat kelak. Amin.

AHAA ! glee much ?

tonight will be my first time watching glee !

and thanks girls for introducing me to it.



Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Im a pussy.

Lets not talk about something dirty here. Alrightt ? HAHA

Yesterday, i was having so much fun reading magazines and all. and I found this quiz in CLEO May 2010. The quiz is about; HOW GUTSY ARE YOU ?

And yes ! I'm a wimp. hah. I stand aside like a wimpy wallflower ! X)

My score was brilliant ? So NOT ! here is some part of it :

" The fact is gal, if you don't ever do what you want or say what you mean, you'll end up bitter and full of regrets. Who wants their motto to be 'if only' ? "

I know, I know. Sometimes i am so used to feeding everyone else's happiness. HEHE. This quiz gave me a whole new thing to improve on. HAVE SOME GUTS ! :DD

Ohh, and here are some tips they left for me :

1. If you don't ask you don't get.
2. Don't say yes if you mean no.
3. Never let self-consciousness stop you doing something-people are more interested in their own lives than what you're getting up to.
4. If you act like a doormat, you'll get treated like one.
5. You're as good as anyone else so never let someone's superior attitude make you feel insecure.
6. Don't just talk about it, do it - whether it's bungee jumping or asking a boy for a date.
7. Stand up for your principles, even if you rock the boat.
8. Be tough enough to accept criticism and learn from it.

Its useful, especially FOR ME. tee hee.

Found It

I found this yesterday, and I think this can help us a lot in our daily life and for us to go through life (:

" Hardship, in reality, is when you finally realize the problems and not having the capacity or comprehension to train that heart to grow and love. It's when you finally find the key, the true and wholesome Islam, to help the heart, but push it to sacrifice the mere things and immediate comfort. Its when you forget yourself for the sake of others, and for the sake of seeking the face of Allah. And finally, when you get pass all of that, your heart and soul are free, along with the countless human soul. Your true brothers and sisters. That is yusr. "

I found it very inspiring. And I can't help but reading it for countless time.

*taken from iluvislam website.

this year destination





The flight ticket is all sooo expensive since we missed the MATTA fair. :( And our last option is


Fingers crossed for the best ! :DD

hello world


My name is EffieB.

For those who knew me, well yeah. This is my 2nd blog, the previous one was abandoned because of few certain reasons that will not be shared.

And the sole purpose of creating a new blog is to just let the past stays as the past and to let the future writes itself.

Have fun reading it, and folks, don't gimme evil !